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How do I thank thee?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Let me count the ways. Shakespeare would undoubtedly be thrilled if we could thank him for his numerous literary contributions.

For volunteers, there are countless heartfelt ways to thank them that will pay great dividends down the line.

Here are some that I’ve recently witnessed:


It goes without saying that food is one of the universal ways of gratitude. We give food to teachers, co-workers and family members as a gesture of thanks. We bring food to neighbors, party hosts, sick friends and potlucks. Volunteers are no exception. By providing lunch, snacks or water, we convey our thanks for a job well done or just for showing up. Food warms the heart and the tummy.


If your event is one of those fortunate ones with corporate and big-name sponsors with give-aways like shirts and knick-knacks, how about spreading the love to your volunteers? Since it’s usually unexpected, you’ll score bonus points with your volunteers when you send them home with some goodies or if supplies are limited, hold a raffle . Some attractive swag I’ve recently seen include are aluminum water bottles, backpacks, earbuds, hats, socks and gift cards.


If your organization or event can afford it, money is another way of patting volunteers on the back. The practice is not as widespread yet but more and more events are discovering that making cash donations to a school club, church or non-profit group is a surefire way of ensuring the return of volunteers in years to come. It’s an easy fundraiser for volunteer groups and an enticement as they recruit members.

How do you thank your volunteers?

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